Conservative Growth

Investors looking for conservative double-digit returns should take a look at Express Scripts (ESRX), but growth investors might want faster growth.

Lucky Number 13

Express Scripts (ESRX) is expected to grow 13% — both in the next year and beyond.

11% Growth All Year

Express Scripts (ESRX) is expected to have 11% profit growth every quarter this year.

Old Dependable

Express Scripts (ESRX) is Old Dependable in my client’s portfolios. Here’s my outlook on ESRX for 2015.

Don’t Get Too Excited

Express Scripts (ESRX) should have higher profit growth later this year, but don’t get too excited about ESRX.

Things Will Get Better

Bad weather and new clients delaying deals caused Express Scripts (ESRX) to miss last quarter, but things will get better.

Growth is Baked In

Express Scripts (ESRX) should grow profits around 20% this year, but that news has taken up shares of ESRX, limiting its upside.

Big Buybacks

Express Scripts (ESRX) isn’t growing sales, but profits keep climbing due to management’s big buyback of ESRX shares.

Running On Empty

Express Scripts (ESRX) will likely have slow profit growth — and stock growth — the next two quarters. Still, ESRX is good for long-term investors.

Not as Discounted

Shares of Express Scripts (ESRX) aren’t as discounted as they were six months ago, but the stock still has solid upside for long term thinkers.