Amazing Web Services

Amazon’s (AMZN) web services division is growing fast and is tremendously profitable, and is pushing AMZN stock higher.

Amazon Stock Surges On Sunny Cloud Outlook

Thinking About Amazon After Cyber Monday?

Thinking about buying Amazon (AMZN) after Cyber Monday? Think again.

Fallen Franchises

Stocks of some of the best franchises in the world have come crashing down. Are they now low enough to buy?

Amazon Fire TV Won’t Light Up Profits

Amazon’s (AMZN) Fire TV doesn’t matter to me. My focus is getting AMZN during this market correction.

Who Knows What its Worth?

I don’t think any of us really know what (AMZN) is worth. Right now the chart shows a good buy point — but the P/E is 200.

Amazon Investors Give Bezos Room to Run

An Earnings Juggernaut? (AMZN) lost money last year, and likely won’t make much this year. So how could I say its an earnings juggernaut? Here’s how:

AMZN Continues to Build (AMZN) continues to build new order fulfillment centers across the globe. That’s hurting profits now, but will help profits in the (far) future.

A Tough Read (AMZN) popped after beating the street and posting profit growth of -36%. Yes, negative thirty six percent. This stock is a tough read.