The Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet works as a helping hand to guide investors through market cycles. If we are in a bear market, put your money here. Market’s good and going higher? Time to invest there. The Cheat Sheet is David Sharek’s source for deciding which sectors to invest in during different segments of the economic cycle. New and Improved Cheat Sheet […]


My First Look at CyberArk Software

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Changes at the Top

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Welcome to provides portfolio management and stock research from its offices in Manhattan. The company provides investors with four benefits:

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Just the relevant news you need to know.
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Stock Education - $20

Learn our system of finding growth stocks.
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Your online portfolio manager.
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Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Management - 3% a year

Let us do all the work and manage your stock portfolio for you.
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The School of Hard Stocks

History repeats itself in the stock market. The School of Hard Stocks shows investors A to Z the characteristics of stocks that give investors the largest gains over extended periods, so regular investors can start finding tomorrows winners today.